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New in Starhunter 2.1: LinkedIn Plugin

New in Starhunter 2.1: LinkedIn Plugin

The new Starhunter release comes packed with improvements for recruitment consultants and headhunters alike. Alongside a new dashboard, fresh design and the many performance enhancements, Starhunter users can look forward to a new plugin that dramatically improves importing detailed candidate profiles from business networks such as LinkedIn. For the first time, complete LinkedIn profiles can be imported directly into Starhunter without needing to manually add information that has previously not been available for import.

We‘ve put together the most important details for you here to help you get started with the new plugin right away.

How the new Starhunter plugin for LinkedIn works

Click Add candidate and select „Add candidate from social network„.

Access the plugin via the LinkedIn logo in the top right of your candidate import overview page. You’ll be invited to download the plugin for free and then you’re ready to start selecting candidates.

After installation is complete you will be automatically redirected to LinkedIn where you can jump straight to a new or existing contact. Once on a potential candidates profile page, the Starhunter plugin button will be displayed at the bottom left of your screen.

Click the plugin button to start the profile import. Once the import has finished, click „Back to Starhunter“ to complete the import.

In your import overview screen you will see your selected candidates. Check the box to the left of the candidates you wish to import and select „Import to Starhunter“ from the drop-down to complete the import.

All information from the candidates LinkedIn profile will be added as a new candidate profile in your Starhunter database. Existing candidate profiles will be updated with any missing information. Finally, you can add any further details, appointments or personal notes.



The new Starhunter release with its LinkedIn plugi provides Recruitment Consultants and Headhunters with a great advantage when it comes to candidate management. For the first time, users can add complete LinkedIn profiles with just a few clicks to their Starhunter database. Alongside performance improvements the new plugin is a valuable time-saver for importing and managing candidate profiles.

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